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Meet the Committee

Ramona Vigil- Eastwood is currently the president of the CHM. She has been married for 39 eventful years. Together she and her husband create award winning, one of a kind jewelry. Their ability to turn a piece of thin metal into jewelry masterpieces, is truly like no other.


She is a proud mother of 3 sons, 1 daughter, 'abuelita' to 2 grand-sons and 2 grand-daughters. She was born and raised in New Mexico, cooks tortillas from scratch, bakes delicious lemon cake and stays fit by dancing Zumba!  


Ramona is passionate about the art world. She continually discovers the hidden artists of many New Mexicans, guiding them into becoming the flourishing artists that they are today.  

Ramona Vigil-Eastwood, president

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Michelle Ferran grew up in the Espanola Valley  on the banks of the Rio Grande.  She is the descendent of French and Spanish families that settled in Northern, New Mexico several generations past. Michelle has been immersed in the Indian and Spanish cultures throughout her life.  Her extended family of farmers, ranchers, artists, and craftsmen influenced her style and approach to art.  Her love of land and culture led Michelle to paint her interpretation of Northern New Mexico in a colorful style, which almost immediately became popular among the locals. Michelle loves the free flow and vibrant colors of the watercolor medium which allows her to capture and express her love for Northern New Mexico.


Michelle shows and sells her work at art shows in addition to various galleries and shops located throughout Northern New Mexico, Arizona and Colorado. You can visit her at: to see her latest creations and a multitude of other images available in giclee prints.

Michelle Ferran, secratary

Tony Fernandez, vice president

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Clarence Medina, entertainment coordinator

Libby has been a volunteer for several years for the Contemporary Hispanic Market.  She currently performs the duties of depositing the funds received through the mail and at the Market.  Libby is married to Edward and they have a son, Marcos.  Libby also serves on the New Vistas Board and has been on that board since 1999.  New Vistas partners with and supports people with disabilities and families of children with special needs to enrich their quality of life in New Mexico.  Libby retired from New Mexico State Government in June of 2010 with 26 years of service.  Libby also has been a member of church choir since 1988 and a member of Schola Cantorum of Santa Fe since 2003. Libby was born in New Mexico and has lived in Santa Fe since 1978.

Libby Gonzales, volunteer sub-committee

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I am a milk maker, wife, dog lover, unofficial cat lady, pro photographer, certified yoga addict, heartlove collector, lover of life, website stylist and simply trying to find the happiness in each day.



SarahLove, web stylist &

official photographer for CHM




Marcos Padilla is a stone sculptor who discovered stone carving over 25 years ago and is a self-taugh artist. He has honed his skills and developed a distincitve style during that time. Today he works with limestone, alabaster and marble carving fugitive and abstract works from minature to moneumental. He is a proud New Mexican who like depicting scenes and the environment of his native Northern New Mexico. He has been a resident of Chupadero, north of Santa Fe, for over 24 years. A family man, he has raised three sons and a daughter. He has extended family in Santa Fe and Albuquerque.




Marcos Padilla, volunteer

I was born and have lived in Santa fe all my life. I've been producing art for sale since 2004. I believe that every person on earth is an artist and each produces art every day of their lives. I feel fortunate that occationally someone likes my work enough to to buy  it.





              Julian Romero, Committee Coordinator              

Alisa Maria Romero is a native New Mexican. She is a dedicated volunteer for CHM! Alisa’s hobbies include dancing, cooking and playing music.






Marcos E Gonzales volunteers at CHM, his church; including singing,, helps with the church fiesta and assists at Mass.  He plans to attend New Mexico State University and pursue a degree in Criminal Justice.


Anthony Fernandez, known as Tony  to many was raised in northern New Mexico. Tony began as a volunteer during the early years of the market. He became a familiar face up and down Lincoln Avenue, catering to artists and hanging Papel Picado along with the volunteers he recruited.  In 2009, Tony was officially a committee member. His love for the market and the arts gave him a feeling of belonging, and had been experimenting in oil paintings.  Eventually being recognized as an artist and juried into the market in 2010.  Tony has served as vice president, since his election in 2013.


A life long resident of Dixon, New Mexico, Clarence Medina took an interest in art since he was able to hold a brush.


Entirely self-taught Clarence has painted with oils for twenty-three years. Remembering when he started painting with oils, he mixed oils with water. Little did he know oil and water do not mix. After intensive gallery and museum visits and reading art books, he has now developed a style uniquely his. An admirer of master artists, he has seen exhibits of Vincent Van Gogh, Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera.


His paintings are in private collections throughout the country. His work can be purchased at his studio in Dixon or at the Annual Contemporary Hispanic Market in July exclusively.